League of Women Voters of Kootenai County

Ballots will include the following for voters in the specific Taxing District:

  • Commissioners in East Side Highway District, Sub Districts 1 and 3
  • Commissioners in Lakes Highway District, Sub Districts 2 and 3
  • Commissioners in Post Falls Highway District, Sub District 3
  • Trustees in Kootenai Hospital District
  • Director #3 Bayview Water and Sewer District
  • Director Kootenai County Water District #1
  • Bayview Water and Sewer District will also have a Bond question
  • Northern Lakes Fire Protection District will have a Levy Override question
  • Timberlake Fire Protection District will have a Levy question
  • Joint School District #391 (Kellogg) will have a Bond question
  • Kootenai Joint School District #274 will have a Maintenance and Operation Levy question

For a list of current candidates click here.
Coeur dAlene Press Article: Kootenai Hospital District Candidates

Sample Ballots 

East Side Hwy/Kootenai Hospital

East Side Hwy/Kootenai Hospital/Kootenai Co. Water #1

East Side Hwy/Kootenai Hospital/SD 391 (Kellogg)

East Side Hwy/Kootenai Hospital/Kootenai Jt SD

Kootenai Hospital

Lakes Hwy/Kootenai Hospital

Lakes Hwy/Kootenai Hospital/Bayview Water & Sewer/Timberlake Fire

Lakes Hwy/Kootenai Hospital/Northern Lakes Fire

Lakes Hwy/Kootenai Hospital/Timberlake Fire

Post Falls Hwy/Kootenai Hospital

Post Falls/Kootenai Hospital/Northern Lakes Fire

Sample Ballots are listed by Taxing District click here to find out which Taxing District(s) you are in.

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